Our Team

Ann-Marie Ahye
Ann-Marie AhyePsychotherapist In Training
Ann-Marie is a Psychotherapist Intern completing a Contemplative Psychotherapy Diploma; a composite program offered by the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, NYC and The Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto. She is also engaged in a concurrent training in Somatic Relational Psychotherapy through The Threefold Way, LA.

Ann-Marie’s journey into Presence of Mind and Emotional Wellness takes an enduring path, that is richly grounded in her 30 years of Mindful Yoga and Meditation practices. During her earlier career as an architect in London, UK she began a genuine Self-Search that included 4 years of Practical Philosophy, at the London School of Economic Science. Her path has been further enriched through a 20 year study of the Pathwork Guide Teachings and through Healing Modalities that she has woven into the practice of Energy Balancing.

Ann-Marie has led process groups through Living Awareness Meditation since 1994. She has been a guest presenter at the renowned Rancho La Puerta, Mexico for 10 consecutive years and has led 15 week-long Retreats in Tobago, Caribbean. She has created a Guided Relaxation CD ‘Travelling Inward’ and a ‘Mindful Yoga’ DVD. She has taught in Toronto since 1999. Ann-Marie remains committed to sharing her own transformative insights and guiding others through a multi-modal, body-centered approach to unearth toxic and unconscious reactivity and habit patterns. Within a space of open acceptance, she supports clients to access their inner wealth and well-being.

Ana Montero
Ana MonteroPsychotherapist
Ana practices Contemplative Psychotherapy taught by internationally recognized teachers from the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science in New York and the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

She has been doing community-based counseling from an anti-oppression, feminist framework since 1996 and Shamanic/Indigenous healing and psychotherapy since 2009. She travels internationally to teach and serve diverse populations in South America, such as prison inmates and sexual abuse survivors.

Ana is a Mindfulness Meditation facilitator at the University of Toronto, and currently in the Bachelor Social Work program at a Canadian University. She is also a graduate of the Contemplative End of Life Care Program at ITM. Her aim is to assist people learn from and transcend their acute and chronic suffering.

Her specialties are trauma recovery and grief/death and dying.

Kim McCarrol
Kim McCarrolPsychotherapist In Training
For over 20 years Kim has supported high risk families with complex needs, such as attachment parenting, relational abuse, substance use, homelessness, stress, loss& grief, poverty, recent immigration and integration into the community.

Kim is currently a 3rd year Contemplative Psychotherapy Diploma student through Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science New York, at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto. She is currently completing Trauma Group Facilitator training at Cedar Centre in York Region. In March 2016 she started volunteering at Belinda’s Women’s Shelter facilitating a yearlong mindfulness and resilience group. In 2018 Kim has been offering one-on-one psychotherapy part time as a student Psychotherapist

She has facilitated women’s retreats, weekly groups and workshops on mindfulness, meditation, resilience, compassion, and contemplation for several years throughout Ontario.

Using integrative approaches such as attachment therapy, humanistic philosophy, somatic experiencing and compassionate inquiry Kim invites clients to explore outdated maladaptive beliefs and stories and recreate a more resilient updated “real time” expression of their past and present experiences.

As part of her personal practice Kim feels a calling to be of service to others, either through personal acts of kindness, or in a professional capacity. “This work chose me, and I am grateful to be a part of client’s journey in times of uncertainty and transformation.
“Without a sense of caring, there can be no community” Anthony J. D’Angelo