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Tale About Anger

There is an old tale about the Kublai Khan that illustrates the downside of misdirected anger.  As you may know, the Kublai inherited the largest empire in Asia from his grandfather Genghis Khan and is remembered as the first Non-Han emperor to conquer all of China.  What you may not know, is that he would often hunt in the forests of his...

Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness Exercise

My gratitude to Jack Canfield whose script I adapted in this short Mindfulness exercise. Jon Kabat-Zinn settled my world when I first heard his audio "cassette tapes". Enjoy this 11 minute long exercise.  


Grounding techniques help quickly connect to the present moment. They often use the five senses but can also involve kinesthetic exercises that bring us back into our bodies. Regular practice, even when feeling calm, reinforces our body awareness. • Sound: Turn up the radio. Play your favourite soundtrack, create a library of meditation sounds....

Hot Docs 2017 – A better man Attiya was 17 when she dated Steve. Now, two decades later, here they are again, sitting across from each other, not to reminisce but to process. In a powerful act of restorative justice, they’ve come together to talk through their violent relationship. What drove Steve to abuse Attiya daily during the two years they were...


Boundaries The young farmer was very angry as every few weeks he’d lose a chicken or two to the coyotes living in the nearby forest. He sometimes thought about selling the farm but on reflection considered that the neighbours and wildlife could be worse on the new property. He did think about letting the dog out when he heard the commotion in the...



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